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The latest version of Cypress includes many new features and bugfixes.

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I'm pleased to announce version 0.7 of "The Testament of the White Cypress" for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Frozen forests

This new version includes further implementation of the gameplay design, and fixes a number of bugs reported by playtesters. Here are the download links, followed by a complete list of changes.

For Windows: Indiedb.com
For Mac: Indiedb.com
For Linux: Indiedb.com

  • New frozen-forest and river crossing areas with dangerous thin ice.
  • Cold and hunger are now fully functional. You can starve and/or freeze to death. Some areas are colder than others, and getting wet will quickly cause Geoffrey to begin freezing.
  • Traveling and combat now cause hunger.
  • Wolves are faster and more difficult to kill.
  • Silver arrows do high extra damage on wolves.
  • Wolf corpses can be turned into jerky with the new Cure Meat spell.
  • Geoffrey can only camp once in each location; the camp auto-returns to you when traveling.
  • Camping now requires firewood.
  • The Scroll of Helping is open by default.
  • Pop-up scrolls now cascade at the right edge of the screen when several are open.
  • Geoffrey now begins his journey with a loaf of bread in his knapsack.
  • New keyboard shortcuts: "M" for map, "I" for inventory, "S" for spellbook.
  • Fixed inventory pop-up icon spacing.
  • Fixed disappearing check-boxes.
  • Fixed berry bush inventory crash.
  • Fix arrow rendering issues.
  • Geoffrey can no longer walk on top of pop-up scrolls.
  • Only one description bubble is shown at a time.
  • There is now a proper title screen.

Frozen forests

While things are still in a relatively rough state as of 0.7, I hope you will enjoy this new version of Cypress, and I'm curious to hear your feedback. Please leave comments here if you experience problems or have suggestions; you can also email me at dto@blocky.io.

Thanks for reading!

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