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the current status of the mod and what I am currently doing.

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I founded Terra Nova mod about 22 months ago and have been working on the mod ever since. 17blue17 (from PI forums) does the map work, extox (from PI forums) does some beta testing, and I do everything other than map work. Right now, there are versions of the mod for every version and expansion of EU3 (except maybe EU3 1.0). Currently, I am working on the 10.60 version which is compatible with 3.2 beta (nov 27th) patch of In Nomine expansion.

I have all the major versions of the mod available at Filefront or Mediafire:
mediafire: Mediafire.com
filefront: Hosted.gamefront.com

I still need a person that knows the mod well and wants to update and expand the TN mod manaul.

The next release of TN mod (all versions are full versions where you re-install the mod every update) will be version 10.60 (60th release, tenth EU3 version) and should be release by tomarow.

Please read the install instructions before installing the mod:

Please read the disclaimer before playing the mod:

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