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So there's quite a few things I want to do, but I need your help!

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Essentially, this is a pretty big project. I'm making a roguelike and I want to make it -right-. But something that I notice in other indie games (Not all of course.) is that they say they want community involvement... But that typically means "We want people to talk about the game, we don't actually want their ideas." which, I can understand to a point. When you have something you've planned out for years and years, you're not usually too keen on changing it.

Myself however, am making this game with the community in mind (Not that I personally have a community... But the indie community in general.) I would love to hear all your ideas. And have set up something just for that!

Here is a link to a small form, where in you can submit your ideas easily!

Don't have any ideas? Well, you're more than welcome to read other peoples thoughts! (Note, that I am not responsible for any foul language or innappropriate ideas, I will do my best to moderate them though.)

And of course, if you just want to see my progress, check the roadmap!

I know there's lots of links, and I'm sort of abusing the Google services, but hey! They work well!

I have a few more things I want to get finished before I'll release something that is "playable" and by "playable" I mean 2 minutes of fun. But, I'll keep posting images/screen shots and I should hopefully have something within a week or so.

If you have any questions or anything like that, feel free to message me personally!

p.s. Please do be mindful of what you write if you do choose to post your ideas. If it seems like people are abusing it, I will have to remove it, and I really don't want to do that!

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