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In the year 2020, the elite unleash a multi-pronged attack against humanity. The first wave was the 'COVID-19' viral pandemic, which terrorized and prepared the population for the second wave...the COVIDTRON robot army! Fight to save humanity against the endless fear porn and the relentless COVIDTRONs. You may just be our last hope. Welcome to the 'brave new world'.

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During the COVID-19 lockdown, I needed a distraction and decided to reboot one of my all time favorite coin-ops, Robotron 2048. The plot foundation was already there, a horde of mindless robots bent on the destruction of the human race, and with a few narrative tweaks, we had the backstory for the remake. All my pixel artist friends were either too busy or didn't want to touch it, so I had to put on the 'wannabe pixel artist' cap and dig in.

The engine was already built, and with a few changes it was ready for the new game. I was able to get a public domain de-compile of the original Robotron assembly code, which afforded me some insight into how Jarvis brought his game to life. I straight up copied his level population data, so the number of baddies per level is identical to the original game.

We added a few unique twists and additions, while still keeping close to the original's frantic, twin-stick shooter gameplay, so hopefully this should be a fun little diversion for some of the younger generation that appreciate old-school 2D games, and an interesting blast from the past for all the old gamers out there...like me.


Check out our promotional / sales website for COVIDTRON 2020 here: Covidtron2020.com

Download our playable, 7 wave demo here: 7 Wave Playable Demo - PC version

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