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A plea for help!!! I know Bannerlord is out, but the Warband community isn't dead yet. I'm making this mod as a learning experience for myself, also I'm adding a mod for people who don't have the hardware to run Butterlord :).

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I'm new to modding, slowly learning how to mod this game. If anybody is interested in helping me with this mod they could contact me.

Currently what I don't know:

-completely ripping game assets (I did have some success with this)

-changing the world map

-rigging skeletons/hitboxes

-adding animation (I'm skilled at animation, but I don't understand how to change the in-game animations)

-High tier programming (I would put my self in mid-tier)

I'll repeat myself if anybody is willing to help me with this mod it would be appreciated if you knew any of the things mentioned above!!! This refers to willingly teaching me some of the things mentioned above. (not joining a developer team)maxresdefault

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