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This update is mainly about adding tribe colours and tattoos.

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Continuing on from my last video, here is a new one on prosperity, influence and crafting in Tribe Of Pok:

This update is mainly about adding functionality and fixes rather than gameplay changes. You can now select the colour of your tribe members and give them a tattoo to distinguish them from other tribes' members. They can be any colour you want simply by adjusting the RGB values on the World Generation page. The tattoo can be selected from a range of presets (currently using placeholders).

20160117 TribeColourChange

At this point I thought it would be interesting to turn this "tribal colour" into another layer of gameplay. When your tribe meets a foreign tribe for the first time, the tribes know nothing about each other. They make judgements based on first impressions, which is where their colour comes in. Diplomatic relations are affected based on the difference between the two tribes' colours. The larger the difference, the larger the penalty. For example a pure red tribe would tend to dislike a pink tribe, but not as much as they would hate a pure blue tribe. Of course, you can overcome these natural relations penalties by performing actions the foreign tribe likes, as I discussed in the last update.

20160126 ColourEffect

Lastly, let's talk about charts! I enjoy looking at numbers and statistics when playing games, which is why this game itself is so simulation-heavy. Now I've added history charts that track food and prosperity so you can see how they are changing over time. You can access them by clicking on the small panel at the top that shows your current water, prosperity and food supply. I should be able to add more charts e.g for tribe relations without too much trouble in the future.

20160126 ProsperityChart

Here's a full list of changes for Alpha 13:


  • Add cactus tree to semi-arid
  • Implemented statistics page
  • Added tracking for objects used/created by humans
  • Added chart for prosperity history to stats page
  • Added query box for quick ground details
  • Added categories in crafting menu
  • Added colour picker tribe members
  • Added functionality for tattoos on bodies
  • Added tattoo selection to GenWorld Page
  • Added functionality for relation effect based on colour
  • Added foreign tribe member display to diplomacy panel
  • Added sprite indicator for where craft tasks will be assigned on map
  • Can access statistics page by clicking panel summary
  • Added chart for food history to stats page



  • Foreign relations affected by tribe colour differences
  • Foreign tribe colour and tattoo slowly revealed as discovery level increases
  • Increased jaggedness of default map



  • Major optimisation of snowing effect
  • Fixed snow not loading straight away when loading game
  • Fixed various variables not loading correctly when loading game
  • Change task panel materials to read from owned objects instead of nearby objects
  • Fixed animals slightly lagging behind their clothing when drawn
  • Fixed not all bodies displaying clothing at start
  • Fixed crashing bug when loading game due to VFX vertex positions not reset properly
  • Tweaked day/night shader for a bluish hue at night
  • Fixed tribe colour changing when night/day changes
  • Fixed unable to extract herb bush

Twitter - ParsleyPWG
Website - PokingWaterGames.com


Wohooo, civilization 3 hd remaster edition delux, awersome.

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