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We have been working for a good few months now and almost have the game running to the point that a demo could not be far behind this post. Check out whats new!

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Colony Hero Closing In On Demo

Changes In Gameplay

After months of trying different things to try to achieve what we wanted we finally got it. We tried making a city builder and it didn't feel we were getting what we wanted, we then tried a "god" style game and almost got what we wanted. Eventually we have made a nice little mix of both. So while you are the being in charge of the colony the colony still thinks for itself and makes its own decisions although you can attempt to sway them in your favour through what you build for them.

Currently there are alot of things that affect the mood and decisions that the ai makes e.g the colour there colony is. When you build a paint store it will let the ai decide what colour they would prefer there colony to be based around. However they do have the chance to change there mind at points throughout the game. It doesn't let you know other than if you have built a Town Park which displays the colonys happyness level. This keeps the game fresh and you always have to be thinking about your actions.

We have been working hard on putting a demo together to let players experience it for themselves however we need to decide how we will distribute it and Desura looks like it is going to win it for us. As soon as we have a demo up a post will follow shortly with the link and download for you all to try it out for yourselves. And as always feedback is much appreciated.

Current Buildings Working & Finalised

  • House- increases population limit
  • School- increases credits per human rate
  • Paint Store- gives a colour to your town
  • Town House- allows advanced 1 buildings to be built
  • Purge Device- kills all mutants currently in your colony

Current Buildings Being Worked On & Tested
Please note these are more than likely to change or less likely may never make it to release:

  • Town Park-Allows you to check the happyness level of your colony
  • Destroy A Building Ability- Destroys a building decreasing colony happyness but increases production rate for a limited time
  • Super Awesome Statue- Builds a statue of yourself increasing happyness and production rate at a very high credit cost. Lasts a short amount of time.
  • Sacrificial Point/Glory Point- Depending on your colonys happyness rating your colony can decide to build either of these to please you. Sacrificial point will take a human from your colony now and again(when the ai decides) and will sacrifice them to you. Glory point will make a human in glory mode for a minute increasing production rate and possibly add another bonus.

A few final things to note:We are still working on coming up with more building ideas and ways to progress the ai in the game and the game may change still alot from now until release.And a cheers from us all for checking it out!

KITATUS - - 61 comments

I've always thought this was an ambitious project and it's great to see it taking shape, good work!

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Kandoking Author
Kandoking - - 17 comments

Thanks very much for the comment. Yes were working hard to ensure the game is fun to play aswell as make it unique each playthrough which we hope you all enjoy when it comes out.

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