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It has increasingly come to my attention that several modules of code need to be rewritten for stability and performance.

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The Problem

More and more I am running into seemingly little problems that I am having to patch up and work around. They don't seem to be a huge deal at the moment, but as the complexity and size of my code has increased exponentially since I started this project over a year ago, these will be big headaches in the future. The main problems I am facing are prolonged stability and performance of the game.


These problems I am facing are due to a big no no on my end. I as the programmer do not need to be writing anything directly to an array, vector, or memory without some wrap around function that makes sure everything is kosher. While in personal testing this is not causing a big problem that I can't deal with, but when the Alpha, Beta, and Live versions of the game are released there will be so many problems that I cannot foresee. This has to be taken care of.


Currently the game runs just fine on the systems I have tested it on, but it can do much better. There are certain methods of handling image processing and displaying that will slightly increase the amount of memory used, but reduce the processing power needed drastically. I believe this will be a very positive trade off and well worth the extra work in the long run.


This will honestly only set me back between 2-4 weeks. For a game that I haven't even announced the release date for, this isn't really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I just like to keep the few people who are following this game updated on current events.

Why Worry?

Personally I just want to give this project everything I have. I love the concept and this is a game I would love to play. I have never undertaken or even come close to finishing a project of this scale. This is my love. I have always wanted to make an online RPG, and this time I am sticking with it. I've already put so many hours and a year of my life into Xira Genesis and I will see it through to release, and I will make it as stable and polished as I possibly can.

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