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City of Heroes is now allowing user created quests.

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User made content rocks, there is no doubt in my mind. I'm quite sure the other 300,000 ModDB members would agree as well. The problem is this content can only be found through word of mouth or if the content is officially supported like Steam Works content. Wouldn't it be great if more companies could see that creating the tools for their community to create content would increase the longevity of the game they are trying so hard to support themselves?

Enter City of Heroes, a MMO for the PC which just released a new update that now allows users to create their own missions and share them online with the other 100,000 people that inhabit Paragon City. The content can be made by anyone and can be used by anyone using their custom hero on any of the City of Heroes servers. Not only will characters be rewarded for participating in the quests but will be rewarded for creating them.

NCSoft wrote: First City of Heroes set a new standard for player creation and customization in MMOs with its Character Creator. Now, with Issue 14, this game takes another giant step, allowing players to design their own missions and story arcs to share with the entire City of Heroes community across all of our live servers. Using an intuitive interface, players can browse through other player created missions and create their own missions from the ground up. Players will determine details ranging from environments, mission objectives, and enemies, to written fiction and character dialogue; giving their stories nearly infinite depth and personalization.

Hey it might not be a full SDK, but anything that can allow people to create games of any kind is great in my books. Who knows this could be the gateway people need to discover a love for modding.

Inquisitor_Lowean - - 42 comments

Wow. thats really cool. I wonder if free players can participate..

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Nickelpat - - 119 comments

Well uh, the only free player is a 14 day trial, I doubt they will be able to do it.

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Arxae - - 718 comments

probably requires a certain level :)
i actualy hope there is some sort of quality controll :p

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General_Atrox - - 321 comments

Thats okay lol, since i have 2 level 50 Characters on both Heroes and Villains.

Also got a pile of other characters ranging from level 10-45 if i remember rightly lol.

Good times playing this game.

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jamro1149 - - 6 comments

wow really? I got bored after I hit about level 32... Good game though, just gets old fast.

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