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It's been a long time since the last update, so there is a lot of stuff to talk about this time. We also have some images to show you!

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Well, it's been so long since the last update (March 2008) that I'm sure many people who have heard of the game will have assumed it was dead. The truth is, it was! However, it has been resurrected (so it's a sort of necro-game, I guess) and much more progress has been made on this version than on any previous version of the game... that's just in the past three weeks!

99% of the engine is complete, although it may require a little tweaking, and we have over 30 unique areas completed with two full quests spanning those 30 areas.

The engine is greatly improved from previous versions, with all planned features of the previous version included (see game profile), plus extra features with an almost maximum constant framerate!
However, it has only been tested on two machines, one with a dual core processor and the other with a quad core processor so the framerate could drop a little on older machines.

As well as upgraded graphics software, we also have a new mapper on the development team.
Although she is new to working with RPG Maker XP (the game's engine), she is already producing fantastic results! Most of the maps so-far are created by her and she is hoping to do more over Christmas.
As before, CountVlad (Count_Strangle, me) will be doing much of the coding for the game.
The music will be the same as before, although the music wasn't included in the released/discontinued version.

We will not be putting a release date on this project because it is a large project (the game world is planned to span over 200 areas) and we will only miss it because I'm always far too optomistic. However, we will try to post monthly updates.

I think that that's all that can be said for now. There are some screenshots of the current Alpha version on the game profile, if you want to see what the game looks like. It looks much like the previous version in the pictures, but my internet connection is too slow to upload a video.

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