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Background story of Sienna and her combat mechanics.

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Sorry for the incredibly slow update, either way here is the next character. We would like to introduce Sienna the guardian of the group and a very close friend to Aedan and Mira.

The keenly intelligent Sienna was a favourite among her Masters for her ability to learn quickly, showing early on a strong leaning toward the healing arts, a skill cultivated and encouraged by her teachers. Her kind nature and healing abilities were a gift became invaluable when a little lost girl in the form of Mira arrived at the Monastery. The first, and one of the few to win Mira’s trust, Sienna helped to draw the girl out of herself, calming her wild side and helping her transition into life in the Monastery. Sienna, Mira and Aedan soon became inseperable, and in battle training, quite a formidable trio. However, still waters run deep, and in Sienna, it is a heart full of unspoken secrets that carve her path forward.

Sienna is a cleric specializing in the use of staves and tomes. Sienna is capable of focusing on healing magics to keep her allies healthy, casting protective auras that prevent harm from occuring in the first place, and strengthening spells that are able to briefly increase damage or critical strike chance against the party's foes. Sienna is capable of casting spells ranging from a simple party heal spell to powerful holy attacks that devastate the target.

That is the story and past of Sienna for now; you will have to wait until the game is out to find out more! There is still one more update to introduce Mira the third party member. Be sure to support us on Facebook.com and Twitter.com if you want the latest news!

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