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A summary describing Aedan's past and his mechanics in combat.

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With the game coming along in development, we decided we would share more information on the three main heroes of this story. The first is the main character Aedan that the player will be introduced to at the start of the game.

A stubborn young man of eighteen, Aedan is a quick thinker and fighter, always there to lead the charge into battle. He was not always good-hearted having lived his childhood alone and forced into mischievous actions. When Aedan met his two close friends and started his training in the monastery, it brought him to who he is in the present time. Even through the training Aedan is still as cocky and stubborn as his younger self, only his friends Sienna and Mira see past him to his good heart inside.

Aedan is proficient with sword, guns, and shield to defeat his opponents. In combat Aedan is able to use a number of different skills to overcome his enemy. Each skill has different affects depending on the weapon he is currently using so for example with a defense skill while using a sword, Aedan will parry attacks and with the same skill using a gun, he will knockback enemies with his attack. To help in battle Aedan also relies on several primary and secondary powers such as buffing his attack and counter striking when an enemy hits him.

We hope you enjoyed this preview of the main character of Exile Saga. The next update will be out in a few short days. Thank you and be sure to support us at Facebook.com and Twitter.com for updates!

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