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Post news RSS Changelog 16/11=>04/12

Below is the changelog for that period:

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12:03 PM 12/4/2015
grass not enough memory bugfix!
improved grass computation reduced flickering

10:15 AM 12/3/2015
partial compression for data transfer has been added, data reduces to 10 times the size
now all little things will get compressed into 1 big compressed blob and send it, added 2 interfaces for compress/decompress
fixed bug where geometry did't stream to second user
fixed bug where we lost sync between users[bad batch userid]
histogram dividing bug fixed
experemental workaround for angry server kicking clients that killed client process with task manager
ping histogram added to server
all string comands from server now get's compressed
fixed inventar opening => mouse hiding bug, now when you open inventar you can browse it with mouse normally
fox added
rabbit added

11:07 AM 12/2/2015
added health & mana models
added 2d imags of current items
added items menu
health potions now heal from inventar
started doing item grouping

10:49 AM 12/1/2015
split profilers for 20 items per view
add boost button to chara![will be interesting]
USE IMGUI Render To Draw ALL debug images instead of Viz defines
fixed bug in text render, that caused text to never be freed
added text hovering of items
text will now not draw at the same place many times
server xp,money sync added
added rewards for killing monster
added logs about someone death
fixing bug about distinguishing who is monster and show is player

2:14 PM 11/30/2015
started writing general system for picking up stuff

11:01 AM 11/29/2015
mushrooms lod generated
random spawning of random mushrooms all over map
gold random spawning

10:56 AM 11/28/2015
added grass rendering, but grass is too little need to increase size
more statistics added
grass scale added
grass height problem solved

11:05 AM 11/27/2015
added login/pass system to server
added sqllite to server
added chara as well[akseron idea]
fixed server bug, disconnected user did't cleanup his dynamic objects!
Disconnect bug, when one use is halted and another connected, server might kick them both! - cause by wrong index, when object is deleted!
added 2d object testing for projectile objects
updated grass, faster rendering
simple lighting for grass
first test high Y grass
reduced flickering for projectile grass
removed old grass computing system, replaced with dynamic one
bad generator causes bug = not enought grass lol! - fixed

8:25 PM 11/25/2015
added new interface for grass
10:15 AM 11/22/2015
cleaned up camera code
found the reason for shadow bug
fixed frustum points for primary camera and bb for primary camera
fixed problem of bad shadow by supplying them data about the camera position
there are still lots of lags for shadows on this test

10:21 AM 11/21/2015
experimental direct server send, it works much better then previous version

10:07 AM 11/19/2015
more BBox testing functions to trees
rare server bug with static stuff fixed
Holding right for 5 seconds causes camera bug-changes direction to where we are going
Very important is to disable mouse holding if window is not in focus![very annoying bug!]

5:06 PM 11/18/2015
camera turn lerp fix[shortest path]
fix lock camera on lerp(failed on low values cause camera direction to lerp in wrong direction)
fixed 2==following_type left right x bug
added host port selection from scripts for server and client

6:31 PM 11/17/2015
Removed WSAD pos control
Added new suggested controls
Akseron awesome idea about where to send arrow correctly
Fixed bug that allowed send arrow to your own head
Fixed external newton destructor crash

12:54 PM 11/16/2015
monster targeting
hand by hand combat synchronization
multiple attackers => multiple users synchronization
ability to evade monster hit
ability to hit monste when he starts hitting you
Class for pure entitys with no collision[for visualization]
Arrow synchronization
if anyone fall below the level they will reset
monster died, random respawn!
health & death synchronization bug
server_ fixed memory leak+uploaded it to public
monster spawns too high[doesn't account for Y]

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