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Post news RSS Changelog 12/14/2015 => 12/20/2015

Shows what has been done for that period(mostly tech stuff)

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11:05 AM 12/20/2015
found a very bad bug with region visibility in server

10:23 AM 12/18/2015
server inform bugfix, wrong>= value
inform bugfixes

10:35 AM 12/17/2015
internal bug about deleting nwplayer, was causing crashes
another scene update mostly bugfixes for deleted objects
marking actors as primary, will remove old problem of first actor
actor is not getting removed properly bug*[sometimes wrong ID, sometimes some other shit][we need to validate that ids]
timeout based chara termination added
we get crash, because we can't kill inside ourselves[at present killing in ccity is preferable]
we have here a problem, we must have here serverID, not userID
if(NoServerID=>Ask about object)

10:56 AM 12/16/2015
started working on dropping dead or frozen actors from server
scene crash bug fixed, dead ptr
frustum invalid id dropping fixed

4:30 PM 12/14/2015
improving server add/delete node stuff
server reduce memory and id usage

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