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Today we look at two other tools that will come in handy! Introducing the Magnet and the Mirror Shield!

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Hi, guys! There’s not much to share today but we’ll be looking at two other tools that will come in handy for Chappy.

First up we have the Magnet. The Magnet can be used to attract and carry around metallic enemies. While carrying around an enemy you can’t jump or swim up waterfalls. However, you can either toss the trapped enemy into other enemies (it deals damage to both enemies in the collision)

Tossing an enemy into other enemies with a Magnet

or give the trapped enemy an electric shock or three.

Shocking enemy with the Magnet

Next, we have the Mirror Shield. It not only blocks enemy projectiles but also reflects them too!

Reflecting enemy fire with the Mirror Shield

Reflected projectiles will even damage enemies that happen to be in the way!

Reflected shots hurts other enemies too

That’s all for today. See you guys in the next news update!

CECA 2 is a Round Survival based game with some Tower Defense Elements worked into it. You play as Chappy, the disembodied hand. Your goal is to defend Santa's HQ from enemies while staying alive yourself.

Right now, CECA 2 isn't available on IndieDB. I will upload it once I update it on Gamejolt. You can download it here, however: Gamejolt.com

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