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After many years in development Carpe Diem is now available for Windows, Linux and Android!

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After a number of years, a new game engine and complete re-write Carpe Diem is finally available for Windows, Linux and Android! Head on over to the Carpe Diem page at 1337 Gallery to grab a copy now! Android versions of Carpe Diem are available as a direct download and on the Amazon App Store with F-Droid availability coming soon. For the security conscious Carpe Diem is open source and also available on GitHub.

CarpeDiem Screen01

Humanity has been taken over by artificial intelligences vying for the lion's share of the galaxy! Take control of your faction and stake your claim against up to six AI opponents on thousands upon thousands of randomly generated maps. Build powerful Command Stations to control resources and raise an armada to expand your territory and obliterate your adversaries!

CarpeDiem Screen05

Customize your play experience with a variety of options to control random map generation to your preference. Looking for a quick game to pass the time on the bus? Jack up the resource frequency and lower the map dimensions. Looking for something a bit more challenging? Crank up the difficulty and tick Allied AI to tip the odds in favor of your opponents. Oh and by the way, the AI never cheats!


Fine tune display and performance options to get the best out of your device and control background music playback with the music player; fast forward and rewind to your favorite tracks or stop music playback entirely so you can listen to your own music player running in the background.

CarpeDiem Screen02 1

Choose from several dust cloud color combinations, pick your own faction color and even give your faction a funny name!

CarpeDiem Screen03

Head on over to 1337 Gallery to get your free copy!

Get it at 1337 Gallery

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