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Tricephalus and Headless Studio announce development of “Caravel: Set Forth” with a teaser trailer. PC Game is a crew management simulation set aboard a 15th-century Portuguese caravel

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Aveiro, Portugal – November 26th, 2020
Portuguese indie game studio Tricephalus and Headless Studio, announce today, that they have teamed up to produce and develop Caravel: Set Forth, a single-player crew management simulation set aboard an early 15th-century Portuguese caravel.

Although Caravel: Set Forth is still in an early stage of development, its creators have decided to release a small teaser trailer to announce the title.

Players will have to take individual control of each crew member, and keep them alive, as they maneuver and operate the caravel, on a perilous mission for Prince Henry, the navigator.

The game has been under development since early 2020, from a concept and design by Tricephalus, and production by Headless Studio.

Caravel: Set Forth is a PC game, being made with the Unreal Engine.

- Control each crew member and use their unique skills
- Choose the supplies required for the trip
- Face the seas and the unpredictable weather
- Marvel at the sights of the ocean and its fauna
- Night/Day cycle
- The underlying narrative will introduce the crew members and their story, as they bravely sail into the unknown

Early 20th-century Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa, once wrote “all seems daring to those who dare nothing”, and as it resonated with the theme of the game, the team made it its official motto.

About Tricephalus and Headless Studio
Tricephalus is an indie game development studio based of Aveiro, Portugal. Headless Studio is a creative technology company divided between Lisbon and Porto, Portugal, and has worked with clients such as AMD, Intel and Targus.

Title: Caravel: Set Forth
Platform: PC
Price: TBA
Release Date: TBA
Genre: Crew Management Simulation
Developers: Tricephalus and Headless Studio
Official Website: Caravelgame.com
Press Kit: Caravelgame.com
Teaser Trailer: Youtu.be
Contact (João Brandão): contact@tricephalus.com

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