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Welcome my fellow knights on this beautifull shiny day. Especially for you I have put on my best armor, at least the best I can afford right now. Let`s go to the camp.

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Welcome, my fellow knights on this beautiful shiny day.


The central point of the camp is the banner. He claims your land. Of course this is a 3 level banner, you start with a stick in the ground.


We are working on the possibility that the player can pick his own crest from a premade library or even add his own, but for that you will need basic Photoshop skills.

The color are yours to pick.

They are two types of buildings – crafting buildings and the buildings like this house or this palisade, where the player can build them alone and go crazy with them.


So we have iron sword that you can reforge into steel ones. Of course, you can go straight for the steel.

The maces.

The shields


This is the forge where you can make your weapons and armors. But everything starts in this little furnaces where you can make ingots.


This is the black market – where you can sell your goods. It is unlockable with a quest before that you have to run across the map to a man named Fortunado – who deals with stolen or robbed stuff.


This is the Kitchen where you can make some food for you and your band.

We decided the demo will be available from 1 June to 20 June, so I don't want to show too much to build the tension, so you visit us on Steam you know :D

I think there will be a small material next week, but beside that – See you on STEAM!


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