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Need a soundtrack artist who will work for free (for now anyway).

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I had two people working on the soundtrack:
Rock and metal guitarist/vocalist Oli Capricorn
Multi-genre electronic music artist DJ MA55

However, MA55 is going through a hard time and will likely be unable or unwilling to help produce the OST (which I understand), and Oli has been admitted to a hospital due to a long-term illness (which I also understand). We have NOBODY making a soundtrack currently. I am not one to rush people or force things, which is probably why MA55 never cranked out any tunes... but I cut people slack and forgive people. I'm a softy.

So: Calling all musical artists!!
Looking for:Rock, metal, alternative-genre guitar, percussion, and bass styles
Some epic or theactrical styles, whether digital, electronic, acoustic, electric, or whatever. Any kind of electronically made music style
ALL WORK must be original! You will NOT be paid, unless the game makes money later on, which is unlikely. More than likely this game will cost nothing to download and play. You will be in the credits. If you are a furry or have an anthro character (this is a furry game) I can put your fursona/character in the game. I really need your help! Thanks so much.
Oh, and don't just come to me and say "Hey, I made a song for your game!" because I know exactly what I need. Come to me before you start making music for it.


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