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News for February 17 2014 - February 22 2014 (Week 3)

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Bunny Worp
News for February 17 2014 - February 22 2014 (Week 3)

(GIF of early build of Bunny Worp v0.0.0.8; *Note that the colors are off)

Update log known as v0.0.0.8:

  • added save and load system (had no idea game maker has the system build-in)
  • added spikes that face different ways
  • added game icon (will improve in next updates)
  • disabled certain game maker properties (pressing F1-F12 does nothing to affect the game anymore)
  • fixed off centered in text
  • added hot keys
  • added puzzle elements (personally I dislike puzzles so you will not see it as much)
  • added new type of spinner
  • added lighting filter for future levels (not shown in download)

Next Week Update will included:

  • added starting credits screen (not final)
  • added level select screen (not final)
  • added main menu (not final)
  • added vanity tile sprites to ground
  • added lighting filter for future levels
(concept art for level screen)

Todo list:

  • levels (working on first level)
  • tile sprites (made many and more in mind)
  • background (not finalize of course)
  • music (have none still)
  • sounds (currently using opengameart.org sounds)
  • more particles (I like my current particles system and I may add more)
  • more platforming things (obstacle and hardcore platforming elements)
  • the story (the game is better with a story and it may be related to the word worp)
  • non-player characters or NPCs (most likely animals)
  • timer (maybe)
  • credits and special thanks
  • GUI of options, pause and mute
  • timer for death
Bunny Worp Concept Demo
Decided to update the download instead of posting weekly downloads
KITATUS - - 61 comments

Looks very promising! Good work!

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