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News for January 22 2014 - February 2 2014 (Week 1)

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Bunny Worp
News for January 22 2014 - February 2 2014 (Week 1)

(Screenshot of development progress)

Update log known as v0.0.0.4:

  • Big Sprite Update
  • made particles 2x2 instead of 3x3 because it looks nicer
  • change color hue of blocks sprite
  • change hue of of grass
  • slightly change color hue of particles
  • slightly change checkpoint sprites
  • added checkpoint before and after
  • added randomize blocks sprites
  • added randomize spike sprites
  • added gore collision to grass which makes it change color
  • Working on concept on levels
  • Worked on more game tile spites
  • resolution change to 1280x720 (unchangeable at the moment) for download
  • remove music because it is bad
  • using none so it loads faster
  • change speed of the bunny slightly
  • currently unhappy on how fast it moves
  • change game name from Bunny Warp to Bunny Worp

two reasons:

  1. I been pronouncing like like bunny worp since I created the name
  2. story elements related with the with the dutch word "worp"

worp: noun

  1. (veterinary) The act of giving birth in mammals
  2. (veterinary) The group of young animals born at the same time (from the same mother mammal)
  3. throw (flight of a thrown object)

"Worp." - Wiktionary. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Feb. 2014. (Source)

Todo list:

  • levels
  • GUI for main menu
  • tile sprites
  • background
  • music
  • sounds
  • lighting system if laggless with 60 fps
  • more particles
  • more platforming things
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