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No Starting classes, player chooses the path/skills he likes and creates his own class. 3 Class Builds that can be changed on the fly when out of combat (Different approach for fights). Ultimate Skills according to his build. Workers that get paid gold to get resources for the player (if you don’t like harvesting and prefer fights).

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Character Builds

After much thought about the class system we finally implemented the best option that will make The Six Dragons more fun and will fit everyone’s taste.

At first we were designing the Class system with the usual Fighter/Mage etc. but then we found out that if we let the player choose how he wants to play the game, and make a system that will let him do that and balance it, would be the best choice. So here how the build system is:

  1. No classes to choose at the start of the game.
  1. Player spends Ability Points to get abilities and choose his build path. The choices are endless.
  1. Ultimate Abilities: Very powerful abilities, the ability trees will result in Ultimate abilities that will use Another Consumable Stat (Karma):

a) Fire Shield: Defensive tree path that the UA has high protective stats for the player. Minimum is 10 AP (Player lv.5 can learn this ability) plus a craftable UA Emblem. Fire Shield Automatically upgrades every 10 AP Spent on Abilities plus a craftable UA Emblemx.

b) Storm Fury: Offensive tree path that the UA has high mass damage stats. Minimum is 10 AP (Player lv.5 can learn this ability) plus a craftable UA Emblemx. Storm Fury Automatically upgrades every 10 AP Spent on Abilities plus a craftable UA Emblem Lv.x.

c) Heroes Valor (The ultimate of the Ultimates!): No matter what tree path the player chooses, Heroes Valor can be learned at 20 AP (Lv.10 can learn this ability) using a craftable UA Emblemx, But it also needs a Heroes Mark, gained from crafting, quest starting at level 9. Heroes Valor upgrades every 10 AP Spent on Abilities plus a special Mark that can be crafted. Hero Valor is a rage state of the hero that for some time his Critical Chance, Speed, Attack Speed, Cast Speed, Defense, Magic Defense, Strength, Mental state increased for x amount of Time. If the player has chosen more AP on Defensive Tree, the Defensive stats during Valor will increase more than the offensive, and vice versa for Offensive Tree. The more the level of Valor, the more the time and effectiveness that will have.

4. NPC for Builds and Upgrades

a) Hero can collect materials to craft Tokens to reset their builds in an NPC.

b) Player can hold 3 Builds that can be changed out of combat.

c) Some Abilities will be shared with both Offensive and Defensive paths (AP Will count for both UAs).

d) An NPC will handle all the upgrades of Abilities etc.

e) Enchantment on Heroes Valor on Effectiveness or Time, with RNG factors.

Workers Hiring:

  1. Player can hire NPCs (Workers), which they will work to get him resources needed.
  2. The more difficult resources need higher paid Workers.
  3. Resources will be distributed at night every day, player has to accept payment each morning to the Worker to go to work.
  4. Warehouse: Player will have a warehouse with upgradable storing space that can store resources.
  5. Player can sleep in the Inn so the time goes by and get materials faster (this is ok with economy because player cannot abuse it due to the fact that if he sleeps and spends money for resources, he is not gaining money back if he doesn’t hunt).

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