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I discuss stuff progress directions of this project.

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Today I worked on light shaft.



And after polishing this to a little bit further we ended up with something like this

good looking scene

Why am I working on light? because I think good looking graphic is very important. It's the face of the game what the player sees first and it governs whether you would like to play the game or not.

And honestly I don't know how to make a multiplayer game. All I have is ideas and skills to make fancy graphic.

I have no idea how I can start to build multiplayer game or find an artist.

But for now I do what I can.

I will make fancy graphic engine as much as I can. Build foundations for things to come.

ScreenShot 17 01 19 10 33 45 000

As to create new engine I study AAA games mainly Overwatch since it's got such an amazing popularity and also is my favorite game.

They do local/global reflection.

ScreenShot 17 01 19 10 34 02 000

On the image above you can see more detailed reflection. This is when I turned on local reflection. But both of them are limited to static objects.

Player models however, like the weapon I am holding seems to reflect other things including even moving objects. This require further observation.

ScreenShot 17 01 19 10 30 36 000

As one of the many effects, Fresnel effect is used but I am not sure whethe that is part of the general look.

ScreenShot 17 01 19 10 36 27 000

I also noticed shiner an object more bloom it does. So I need a way to store "how much of light" is being reflected as to decide how much to bloom.

ScreenShot 17 01 19 10 23 20 000

I don't think they do light shaft. It looks like it is just a radial blur.

ScreenShot 17 01 19 10 19 07 000

They do ambient occlusion.

That's about it now.

I think I can narrow down todo list to ambient occlusion. Skybox + local reflection, and bloom based off of light power and how reflective a material is.

Oh... so the news had not been approved for a while so I decided to just keep adding more details


Skybox reflection is done.

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