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Bug Heroes 2 is a new take on MOBA-like gameplay, offering fast paced tactical combat, defense elements, and an innovative 2 hero squad system.

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Bug Heroes is the sequel to one of the first genre melding games on the App Store, released way back in 2011. In the sequel, we think we're doing a lot of cool new things, and mixing some interesting genres.

The basic premise revolves around player choosing a "party" or squad of 2 heroes, from a list of over 25. In-game, you will level up your heroes very similar to a traditional MOBA, placing ability points into one of 4 abilities, buying weapons, armor, and equipment, and generally progressing your character as you play during each game. The big difference is you have your main hero, and your 2nd hero following you around which will attack as well. You can seamless switch between either hero at any time in order to use all of their individual abilities - strategy will be a huge key as you decide who and when to use in what situations. You can also give rudimentary commands to your second hero, such as double tapping to move them to a location, opening up a ton of tactical possibilities, such as holding a choke point, defending an area, etc.

Apart from the hero play, players will be scavenging for food and spare parts as they randomly spawn in the battlefield, bringing it back to your food stash to store. Ultimately, you will be defending your food stash from the enemy. You can also build a variety of turrets to defend against the enemy attacks.

One thing unique from other MOBA games is that Bug Heroes 2 includes a real single player mode, with an endless survival mode, a practice skirmish mode, and an in depth mission system. Players will complete tons of missions, earn stars, and unlock global upgrades with them (think a global upgrade system similar to Kingdom Rush). Overall, there is TONS of content. Of course on the multiplayer front, there is 2 player co-op, and up to 2v2 versus.

Finally, we give players a choice of playing from either behind the shoulder view for a more immersive experience, or zoomed out, top down view for more classic gameplay.

In the end, we're REALLY excited about Bug Heroes 2 hitting the App Store for free on Feb 20, and we hope you'll give it a look when it does!

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This looks epic!

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