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I finally have it done, a semi-working demo. It still needs some work.

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Once I have the help, load and save features worked out I'll add the Achievement system that will be linked with the Patch feature. So if you want to add a patch to you gun then you'll just have to unlock an achievement to get it. There will be a list of achievements so you can see what needs to be done to get it and what patch is linked to it.
For the upgrades you'll have one available at the end of each round and every upgrade will let the gun shoot more peas at a time. A patch will let you shoot faster making it easier to pop the bubbles. Visual FX isn't high on my todo list at the moment, but I do plan on adding some fancy pop FX and some SFX. Any game is boring without sound.
At a later stage when the game has reached version 1.0 and I feel safe enough about the code and stability of the game, I will release the finale demo and start working on the making it a full version and maybe even add a modding option. Not that it would be useful, It might just be a waste of time to add a modding option. I may also rewrite the whole game engine and use a more powerful game library to get a higher resolution and better looking GFX. The Final release may not even look like the current version.
In the end, I just hope people like the game and have as much fun playing it as I did writing it.

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