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Brutal Nature 0.59 released with Water physics and swimming!

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Brutal Nature 0.59 released with Water physics and swimming!

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Change Log:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added water physics. Water now flows down hill until a certain slope angle is reached. This allows for water flow without all the rivers draining out.
  • Added swimming physics.
  • Added swimming animations.
  • Added new player stat : Air. Air decreases when under water and recovers when above water. When air reaches 0 you will take health damage and drown.
  • Added more mouse over and click effects to buttons.
  • Added text under cross - hair pop up for actions and low health / endurance / etc warnings and cfg option to show it in the HUD instead.
  • Added a branch cache to set/get voxel.This allows the octtree look up to be skipped when a voxel is within the same branch as last accessed.
  • Added random delay between songs.Delay is configurable in 'Brutal Nature.cfg'.
  • Added walking and swimming in water sound effects.
  • Added new underwater visual effect.
  • Added quest objectives display at top right corner of screen.
  • Changed quantity produced harvesting berries and mushroom to now depend partially on your endurance level at the time you harvest them. This simulates care taken while picking vs hurried picking.
  • Changed the 'Material' display when picking a material in edit mode to only display 1 decimal point.
  • Changed harvesting trees/bushes/rocks/etc to always causes endurance lost, even if it fails due to too low of endurance.This means just mass clicking on things will result in loss of endurance but no item.You now must time your clicks for when you have enough endurance.
  • Increased default viewing range.
  • Increased projectile drag when shooting through water.
  • Increased price of wood boards by 200%
  • Increased NPC count by 200%
  • Increased underground NPC's by 50%
  • Increased most plants in world by 400% to reflect the new larger world size.
  • Removed quest reminder messages.
  • Fixed sphere mode using the wrong amount of materials.
  • Fixed bug where right clicks would activating game features while in the GUI menu.
  • Fixed bug in last stage of tutorial quest where wrong audio file was played.
  • Fixed shutting down the game taking a long time due to deallocating the many chunk cache objects.
  • Fixed 32bit client to execute 32bit server when single player mode is selected.
  • Fixed problem with shadows having holes when terrain exceeded 500 feet.
  • Fixed rendering lag by fixing the server voxel packet throttling code that was broken by the new client side voxel packet cache.
  • Fixed voxel editing bug where sometimes the brush did not remove all the voxels it should have.
  • Fixed NPC's seeing through cube mode walls and being able to attack through them.
  • Fixed collision bug where bullets hitting water would not be rechecked for collision with terrain till next frame.
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