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Brutal Nature has released version 0.36! With new particle effects and melee weapons!

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Brutal Nature has released version 0.36! With new particle effects and melee weapons!

Download it today for free and give it a try!

Also check out the new movies I have made:

0.36 screenshots0.36 screenshots0.36 screenshots0.36 screenshots0.36 screenshots0.36 screenshots0.36 screenshotsMore 0.36 screenshots
More 0.36 screenshotsMore 0.36 screenshotsMore 0.36 screenshotsMore 0.36 screenshotsMore 0.36 screenshotsMore 0.36 screenshots

Change Log:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added 5 new materials.
  • Added chemistry recipes at the table for the new materials.
  • Added copper, iron, steel and HSS swords. Now 80 weapons total.
  • Added melee weapon specs to help menus.
  • Added 'tick' sound when console text appears.
  • Added pickup sound when picking up object from smelter menu.
  • Added sound for dropping objects.
  • Added new 'Endurance' effect for food.
  • Added a readout to tell you how much of each fuel a recipe would need.
  • Added indicator when you can't use a fuel for a recipe due to fuel quality.
  • Added encumbrance readout text to the inventory menu.
  • Added Small beehive oven.
  • Added map import scaling on server side so map files could be stored in a 0 to 1 scale on disk for ease of editing.
  • Added new variables for explosive ammo to better control its range and damage.
  • Added particle size randomness settings to particle system.
  • Added explosive ammo stats to help menu.
  • Added initial weapon hotkeys for new users.
  • Added debris when you shoot rocks
  • Added recipe to make coke and coal tar from bituminous coal at the beehive oven.
  • Added feedback to Rainforge to tell you when its done eroding a landscape.
  • Added 2 new shaders to Rainforge: Render preview and Color swap.
  • Added resolution settings for Rainforge to generate other size maps.
  • Added Beehive oven coke and charcoal recipes that are more efficient then using a bonfire.
  • Added melee attack support. Now all the pickaxes can be used as melee weapons.
  • Added dds texture exporter for Rainforge.
  • Added cone particle systems.
  • Changed the rock and soil and water impact effects. Now much higher quality.
  • Changed Mushrooms to damage health but increase endurance for 50 seconds.
  • Changed Beehive oven recipe to require more granite and use alumina instead of marble.
  • Changed large forge to require less alumina and mortar.
  • Changed the region distortion noise to load from a 256x256 8bit DDS file.
  • Changed server to load .dds files for height map, sediment map and water map for world generation.
  • Changed explosion particle effect to better respond to size the explosion.
  • Changed Charcoal and coke recipes to require a small amount of fuel to heat the charge.
  • Changed sound of 7.62x39mm weapons so that each shot was more distinctive and less of a drone.
  • Changed sound of .44 magnum weapons to 48khz sample rate and removed short delay at start of sound.
  • Changed the terrain generator algorithm to produce more interesting separations between regions.
  • Changed Rainforge to stop processing once files have been exported.
  • Increased the fuel value of coal in the game to 0.8 for bituminous and 0.9 for anthracite to better reflect real life fuel values.
  • Increased the fuel needed to smelt Wolframite to Tungsten to 200%.
  • Lowered terrain damage from non explosive weapons.
  • Moved recipe Roast Covellite, Recover Sulfuric Acid from bonfire to beehive oven.
  • Bound more of the internal game math classes to the script engine.
  • Removed 2 materials.
  • Fixed hud rendering while using sniper scope.
  • Fixed crash when assigning hotkeys.
  • Fixed smelter menu to act same when double clicking fuel and recipe items.
  • Fixed a server crash bug relating to saving/loading of dropped objects.
  • Fixed bug where client was using the wrong mining rate to figure out what sound to play on mining attempts.
  • Fixed bug where MK108 would not fire.
  • Fixed bug where stats and party menu was showing up before game was fully loaded.
  • Fixed bug where in 'worms mode' invalid ammo would spawn with pickaxes.
  • Fixed a bug where the client could attempt to reconnect to announce server after it had already partially initialized gameplay but timed out while doing so.
  • Fixed bug that preventing other players weapons sounds from playing.
  • Fixed DDS loader not closing files.
  • Fixed where you would fall on login as the world had not generated yet.
  • Fixed a bug in x64 builds where game content was not loading.
  • Fixed sending of excess mining sound to other players when a player repeatedly mines zero material due to lag.
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Where do i Download?

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BlackMoons Author
BlackMoons - - 121 comments

Best to go to IndieDB page for Brutal Nature or BrutalNature.com to get it.

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