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Work continues at a steady pace and more experience has been acquired.

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No long posts this time, simply a short status update. Progress has been steady, albeit slow, over the past few weeks. I've upgraded the detail on several of the US turrets already and have most of them UV wrapped and ready for Substance Painter. Re-texturing was something I'd been dreading because of the state the stock UVs were in but I came across a very capable and easy to use UV wrapping program (RizomUV) which has cleared this issue.

The IJN side still progresses slowly but the knowledge and experience I've gained should help to reduce the time that faction has remaining.

I'm also planning on uploading a customized ModDB CSS profile in the coming weeks if I can get the process sorted out. It doesn't sound like much but the aim to to make the mob pages better fit with the game as well as make the site look nicer in general.

I've finally managed to get the second hotfix uploaded here too so there's that. If any of you guys find any new CSV issues let me know and I'll add them to the list.

Good Hunting,

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