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Post news RSS Boredom has killed thousands. So what now?

What comes after Boredom? A new game? Well this article is going to tell you what's been going on lately with XHH.

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So Boredom has been getting positivite and, of course, negative feedback (mostly rage).

although it's good not to have favorites, my favorites are in my..... Favorites playlist

The Let's Play videos are awesome to watch. Not only are they entertaining but they help me decide on what aspects of the game I should rework and how I can make better games in the future. Not exactly sure what I'm going to do when I find 100 let's play videos. Maybe I'll buy cookies for my lunch table or update the game. One of those...

There are a few suggestions that I've gotten that I want to talk about first:

  1. Increase the framerate - I worked on this a little, and it will just take way too long. I'll have to set all the variables and timers to different values. I'll pretty much be recoding the whole freakin' game.
  2. Put down more checkpoints - The checkpoints are spaced the way they are for a reason. Basically, when you get past a certain area, you get a great feeling of accomplishment.
  3. Shorten the death scene - Still on the fence with this suggestion. I've noticed in games like IWBTG where you can instantly respawn after death, players tend to run right into something the same exact way without giving any thought to their previous death. This death animation is SIX SECONDS of cooling off and reflecting on your lack of skills developing a new strategy.

So now that I've seen what I can do... what now? Well there are a few ideas on the board at the moment:

  • LOVE IDE - I've recently been playing around with Love2D, an excellent Lua game library. I've been intensively thinking about developing my own IDE for developing games using Love2D. I actually started working on the GUI and sketching out ideas. As easy as it seems to me, this project will take a LONG LONG LONG LONG time. Maybe a couple months or so if i work on it like I did with Boredom. Making an Game Making program has always been an idea of mine, not only to make my life easier, but to help other newbies get a start in Game Development.
  • Boredom 2 - Another idea that has been floating around in my head ever since I released Boredom is working on a sequel. Let me explain real quick on why Boredom is the way it is... I wanted to create a game that has everything I love: boss fights, good music, a decent plot, and memorable moments. I wanted to make a game that you only play. You don't have to worry about opening any menus, saving, memorizing controls, configuring settings, or checking for updates. Everything is pretty much done for you. Your only job is to play (and play you will!!). I put all these desires in this game. However, I am not satisfied. There are still many ideas that never made it into this game. Many ideas for bosses, plots, music, and special effects. Boredom was not only fun to develop, but it was fun to test. I would love to make a sequel.
  • New Game - My third idea is to start a game other than Boredom. I have been asked before to make a non-platformer. Would love to. I actually have a few strong ideas.
  • The only problem with the above three ideas is... what will it take? By that I mean, how much time and effort will I need to devote relative to my other activities in life? I made Boredom because I literally had nothing else to do. This is Senior year and I'm about to move on to UMBC (woot). Should I just wait until I settle into college? Probably. But what about you guise? BUT WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF IT?? (Paprika reference)

And that's about it. That's whats going through my mind right now. Decisions... decisions...

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more!

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Whatever you do, I'll support you. You're a great developer. I'm a college undergraduate in Computar Science and want to get into game design, do you have any pointers for me? And I don't mean memory addresses :D

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