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Post news RSS BoomBoomChaCha: A simple casual online party game easy enough for everyone!

BoomBoomChaCha is casual shooting PC online game! Play with your friends and families using 17 characters and 50 maps. We are trying to release the game in the first half of this year. Coming soon!!

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Each team member can choose from various types of characters. The goal is to destroy the enemy fortress before the enemy destroys yours.

Although BoomBoomChaCha does have simple rules and controls, it does not mean that the game itself is simple. This game requires team work and strategy to win. Each team member must fulfill their role to win the battle.

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BoomBoomChaCha has various unique characters with unique skills.

  • Members of the BoomBoom country



  • Members of the ChaCha Robo




There are over 40 maps with 5 themes.

  • Green Land: A beautiful forest environment with green grasses and blue rivers.

G2 NewGreen2

  • Toy Land: A colorful environment with various toys.

T2 Toy2

  • Ice Land: Close to the south pole, this theme has Ice pillars and icy roads.

I2 IceVillage

  • Cake Land: A theme with delicious cakes, cookies and chocolates.

C3 NewCherryWar

  • Sea Land: A theme with many sea creatures and sandcastles.

a shell

Strategy Objects

There are strategy objects that each team can use for attack and defend strategies.

  • Tiles that block movement.
  • Rails that moves in one direction.
  • Healing zone that heals and removes abnormal effects.
  • E.M.P guns that paralyzes characters.
  • Flame tiles that attacks characters passing by.
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