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Post news RSS Big v8 Update (Event-Quest system merge)

This update is again bunch of bugfixes (some minor ones are not in changelog). But also i finnaly did what i promised, and that is Quest and Event system merge. Now you can start Quests from Event system.

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Make Quest dialogues even more interesting

Quest system is now integrated into Event System, so you can make even better dialogues for Quest request or after finishing Quest.
New options in Conditional Branch Event command:

  • Quest Not Started
  • Quest In Progress
  • Quest Finished

Also new Event command added: Start Quest

Make difference between Males and Females

In this update i added Male and Female paperdolls, so in Item editor you can choose, what gender-based paperdoll will be used.

Combat messages

Combat messages are now finnaly fixed, so even wider ones (defferent than numbers) should be displayed correctly now.

Show player's weapons

In this update i also added some weapon paperdolls to base graphic pack, so now your players can see what weapon they actually have equipped

Navigate throught images

Now navigation throught item icons is even easier, now you just double-click item icon box in Item Editor and this nice Image Explorer will appear.


• Added Genders to paperdolls
• Removed quest-giver NPCs, now quests are started from Event system
• Fixed Spawn NPC Event command
• Merged Quest system with Event system
• Fixed quest tasks: talk with NPC, get or give item to NPC
• Fixed player messaging system
• Fixed big combat messages overlapping
• Added image explorer when choosing image for items and spells
• Fixed subscript out of range error when encrypting new graphics


Prospekt Developer Edition Closed Source v8: Download from Dropbox

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