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An update on the current state of Big Mountain Snowboarding upon joining indiedb.

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We've been in development for about 5 months now. Our basic physics and trick controls are in place, and we've done a ton of ground work on the tech required to pull this game off. The animation and ragdoll system is fully working. The mountain generation is very in progress.

We're starting with several million verts, and then condensing it down to something reasonable while maintaining the shape. There's a lot of procedural generation going on, but we found that being fully procedural did not lead to very interesting trails. What we have now is a hybrid of procedural and hand crafted. We define the general shape of the trails, make sure they are fun, and then add algorithmic detail.

We're pretty good at generating the base mountain now, and we have the pipeline set up to merge in the trails with the mountain. The trail tool is fairly basic so far and only supports linear trails with no branching. The next step is to add the ability to split a trail off from another trail, and then have them rejoin farther down.

The idea is to have a full ski area loaded all at once with various spawn points at the top of trails. We'll have challenges and a campaign scattered around the mountain.

We have most of the texturing of the mountain worked out. It's a complicated shader to say the least. Triplanar texturing finally fixed the stretching on the cliff walls. We still need to add normal mapping to the snow and rocks though.

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