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Post news RSS BeardedBear Update n°8 - Downloadable Demo 05 and a lot of big news

In this update: Coop Mode, new gorgeous backgrounds, new sounds, redesigned main menu, cut scenes, powerups, launcher, and a lot of fixes

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Hello everyone!

I'm finally back with a tons of new hot things!

*You can play and test everything you see in this article in the Demo05

that should be available as soon as this articles comes out*

BeardedBear - Demo 05

  • Gameplay wise I changed a few thing to make the feel of the game better. I added a "fast spawning" features that instantly reset the enemy spawning timer when there is no enemy alive (A nice thing to have when you want to try speedruns). Freeze frames are now in the game, making the events like player hits and enemies deaths more dramatic. Timetempests now will spawn as soon as you kill a boss, denying you to heal full hp. The bear now will lose the weapon when he fall off screen. Cocoon will no more deal contact damage.
  • New COOP mode and Gamepad support for the xbox360 controller!

coop loading

article coop

  • New main menu design:

main menu

  • We now have 15 total power ups for the bear:
    • BBPowerUp 9 make you deal more damage
    • BBPowerUp 10 make you heal 1.5 hp from crates instead of 1 hp
    • BBPowerUp 11 saves you from the first damage you take per level
    • BBPowerUp 12 give you a chance to heal 1 hp when you kill an enemy
    • BBPowerUp 13 give you a chance to refill your magazine when you kill an enemy
    • BBPowerUp 14 let you ignore any explosion damage
    • BBPowerUp 15 give you a handy laser sight
  • The graphics are largely update with 2 gorgeous background made by the real artist of the team(definitely better than the previous one made by me):

primal level

babylon lelvel

  • He also worked on the cocoon boss, drawing this as the central body:

cocoon   leviathan theme baw

  • Audio as been updated though, with a remastered version of every single song in the game (and also added a few new ones), new ambients, and a wonderful credits song (which is not in the game yet).
  • Story is in the development too! I'm made a test for the cut scenes which will narrate the story through the game(You can disable it in the options menu if already now the story and want to play in a more "distraction free" mode).

ezgif com gif maker

  • Last thing: I saw that many people are reporting a bug caused by a not updated directX end user runtime, so I made a handy launcher of the game, that will let you disable the shader that uses the directX and let you play without it (but I strongly recommend to update it and play with the shader, is much cooler).

As always I leave the full changelog here, see you next time!

  • Added fast spawning
  • Added freeze frames on enemy death
  • Added bbpowerup9 more damage
  • Added bbpowerup10 more hp gain
  • Added bbpowerup11 which saves you from first damage per level
  • Added deltatimed bullets trail
  • Added bbpowerup12 which let you heal on kills
  • Added description at newest powerups
  • Added bbpowerup13 which let you reset magazine on kills
  • Added bbpowerup14 which let you ignore explosion dmg
  • Added cut scenes
  • Added option to turn of cut scenes
  • Added COOP mode
  • Added enemy hit animation for mk2 enemies
  • Added Babylon level on lvl 2
  • Added water effect in parallax
  • Added ambient randomization
  • Added launcher to fix crash due to shader
  • Added lights in Babylon level
  • Added timetempest as soon as a boss die

  • Changed arrows and dards hitbox, bigger
  • Changed parallax vertical speed
  • Changed enter and exit options menu, now faster
  • Changed now first bullets of every run is normal
  • Changed powerups moved up a bit
  • Changed cocoon boss spawn timer function
  • Changed cocoon now doesn't deal contact damage
  • Changed thickness of water column
  • Changed now bb loose the weapon when falling down

  • Worked on story

  • Fixed bullet ignoring collisions problem on pile of dead enemy
  • Fixed collisions on every bullet type (i hope)
  • Fixed now timecontrol vanish when you enter in a portal
  • Fixed audio sliders, now updates in real time
  • Fixed non resetting alignment in pause menu
  • Fixed no sprite with enemies powerups
  • Fixed walker boss not spawning portal after death
  • Fixed catapults fire
  • Fixed too much explosions problem
  • Fixed a lot of random things
  • Fixed (i hope) the jack shoot bug
  • Fixed cocoon fix in the air after death
  • Fixed unlock order base on skinnumber instead of skin
  • Fixed weapons in tutorial
  • Fixed shooter boss not spawning exp on death
  • Fixed cocoon boss not spawning exp on death
  • Fixed general causing problems with pausing the game
  • Fixed leaves sprite covering background torches
  • Fixed mk2 and mk3 cocoon now doesn't deal damage anymore
  • Fixed cocoon boss main shield and particles
  • Fixed sticky granades laser sight
  • Fixed ambient music stuff
  • Fixed bb initial sprite

  • Removed health indication in top center of the screen
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