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Post news RSS Batu Games unveils Born of the Night, 2D classic style RPG

Born of the Night is a 2D RPG inspired by Japanese ARPGs and classic style western RPGs.

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Hello all, my name is Daniel Aristides Sierra and today I’m excited to talk to you about Born of the Night, Batu Game’s latest project. Some months ago we launched Atriage on Steam, a turn-based strategy game with a classic board game design. Now that we’ve acquired some experience with publishing and quite a few quirks of long term development, we’ve decided to expand our horizons by creating a full fledged RPG.

Born of the Night is a 2D classic style RPG, the game is displayed on a top down perspective using a fixed camera format. Combat in BotN is real time with a focus on strategy rather than button mashing. It uses a combat system similar to early Falcom ARPGs where characters would auto-attack when they “bump” enemies. Graphics are illustrated using pixel art reminiscent of old school 16bit style with an expanded color palette (similar to Japanese computer games in the early 90s). Character designs are anime styled with CGs telling major plot points in the story, regular interactions will be more reminiscent of CRPGs with perhaps larger character portraits.

The Revenant


I was inspired by Nihon Falcom’s early works, the Ultima series, Black Isle CRPGs and Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.

Currently the game is finishing up pre-production, soon to enter full development. To make it easier for long term development, I decided to craft a framework called Evernight for Born of the Night and similar future games. I’ll be detailing the framework and its construction in subsequent articles throughout development. If you like what you see, please visit our Facebook page and Blog for more info.


-Daniel Aristides Sierra/ Director of BotN

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