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Post news RSS Battlepaths at 75% on Steam Greenlight

After over a year on Steam Greenlight, Battlepaths has slowly and steadily advanced up to 75% on its way towards the top 100 Greenlight games.

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Battlepaths is a top-down 2d RPG that plays like a roguelike and offers a sophisticated loot system as found in popular games like Torchlight and Diablo. Character development is very diverse, so you can play the type of hero you prefer. Be it a heavy damage dealer, a fast ninja build, a build that concentrates on using special powers, or something in between. Attributes, Skills, Items, and Weapon Specialization all play a significant role when building your character. Dozens of hours of hacking and looting await in three big realms that you can freely explore, along with a challenge realm to test your might. Combat is turn-based and requires you to find a good tacticthat suits your character build in difficult situations and of course, in challenging boss fights.

Read our articles for further infomation and help us get this game through Steam Greenlight!

Battlepaths has been very popular among most of the gamers that played it, so we decided to work on a successor: Battlepaths Ultimate Check it out!

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