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-Completely reworked the Bandit Tree. -Added ALOT of new Bandit themes units with more to come. -Added a way to recruit Bandit Units from Hideouts and Cities -Added Custom Units to Bandit and Looter Parties spawning around the world.

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0.2b Update:
New Patch contains Freyas Balance update (Completely rebalanced ALL Bandits) and also added a new Wildling Trooptree aswell as a female Tree.
Reworked Bandit troop tree and new Bandit themed units.

0.2a Update:

Thanks to Respawn, ExAker, Kazumi and Yakup Babysteps and Anopey for their huge help. If you want to get to know everyone who works on this mod please come to our discord :)

This mod now features an official Discord server: Discord.gg

The War in Calradia rages, noble Houses fight eachother for total control of the continent.
Heroes will rise and fall.
Armies will clash and thousands will die in pointless Battles for selfproclaimed Nobles that don't care about them.

This mod is for those that want to show those pesky Nobles their place while focusing on the important things in life:


This mod allows you to play as your own Bandit Army and is currently being updated daily.

How to install: Download the latest Banditlord version and unpack it in Bannelord/Modules

Then just check the mod in your launcher when starting the game and enjoy.

Current features:

-Completely reworked Bandit Tree and alot of balancing (Thanks Respawn and Yakup)

-Completely reworked the recruiting system.

-New Bandit Clan the Frostmaiden added.

-New Bandit Clan Klykas Raider added.

-New Bandit Clan the Bounded added.

-New Bandit Clan Redwood Ranger added.

-Added ALOT new Bandit themed units, with way more to come. (Eastern Themed Bandits, Different Bandit Clans with custom Units, Female Bandits).

-A way to recruit Bandits directly from Hideouts and Cities.

-The first Bandit themed Workshop. The "Normal Butcher" turns Sumpter Horses, Mules and Pack Camels into Meat and Hides.

Currently working on:

-"Rise of the Banditlords" update, featuring 4 completely different Bandit Clans with completely different custom Units aswell as their Leaders and a way to recruit them.

-Balancing (Please leave some feedback on the current state of the Balancing)

-Refining the recruitment System aswell as working on a new different way to recruit.

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