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An introduction to the new learning experience C# and XNA game, Banana Jump, Barrel Kick.

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Banana Jump, Barrel Kick is a new small game I intend to create in C# and XNA.
I wish to write several blog posts that will follow my development of this game. I am learning a lot of new things here, and I don't plan much up front. This means this might also fail, but if I won't try, it has no chance of success either. I don't know how often I will post about this project, and in what portions, but I hope that eventually there will be a complete game with source code people could learn from.
The game isn't going to be too complicated. You can watch the header of PompiDev blog to see a sketch of this game. Or better yet, here is the image itself:

Banana Jump, Barrel Kick
Banana Jump, Barrel Kick

You will play a character running to the right that has to jump over bananas and kick rolling barrels. Thats it.
Take in account that I am developing on a windows vista, home premium 64 bit OS.

The first thing to do, is to subscribe to XNA creators club. Then you would need to go to Resources->Download, download and install Visual C# 2008 Express. After that return to Resources->Download, then download and install XNA Game Studio 3.1. I suggest to do all the 2D video tutorials under Education->Getting started, they are called "Beginner's Guide to 2D Games".
If it takes a while before I post again about this, you can try other tutorials and learn on your own, no need to wait for me. I will try to create code which "looks pretty" and hopefully has better design and practices than code of someone with little experience. I will also try to write about the lessons I will learn from coding this game.
Good luck to us all. :)

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