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We're back and better than before. New website and tutorials coming along. Check it all out on our website exanimgames.com

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After taking a break during the holidays to regroup ourselves and figure out what we want out of this studio we have decided to stage the ultimate come back. This post is to talk about what's happened to us and to describe what's going on in the future.

What happened?

Well since November we haven't been posting enough news so this part of the post will be to updated anyone who is still following us. During November the demo version of QuikShoot was finished but thanks to complications with out website and funding we could not get out as well as we would have liked. Quikshoot in itself was also a sort of fail as a project. Thanks to Quikshoot we learned how to market ourselves and how to get attention. We also learned the basic of game creation in Unity. In the end we decided to just drop QuikShoot all together.

After Quikshoot we began another project called Runstein as of now we cannot go into the details of this game but it would have been our first fully developed game. Complications happened yet again and we had to postpone this project to a later date. Now however we have something bigger planned.

The Future

After looking at everything that went wrong in the past two projects we decide that we needed to reinvent ourselves. We needed focus, determination, teamwork, and we needed the one thing we had forgotten: fun. We decided to scale back all of our ideas. The next goal of Exanim Games isn't to make the next mind blowing, super graphic heavy, jaw dropping video game. It's to make a playable and enjoying video game that people will love.

In order to accomplish our new goal we have decided to stop trying to be business. We are students who want to make games not Microsoft. To achieve our goal we have done a few things:

  • We have limited the studio to just it's founding members.
  • We have designed a game that is within our reach.
  • We have revamped our website with Weebly so that it is easier to manage while we focus on our game.

With these changes we definitely think that our new goal is achievable as long as we keep up with it and continue to try our best.

Finally we want to apologize

We apologize to anybody that was looking forward to either of our games. We took the time to design and promote them and not the time to finish them. For this we are greatly sorry. Though with this post we promise on the great platformer Mario that we will finish our platformed and release to the public.
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