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An updated beta version is online. This small update includes treasure chests and issue fixes.

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One of the last beta updates before the 1.0 version.

This small update includes treasure chests and issue fixes.
The treasure chests only appear in some chambers under certain circumstances (e.g. under 3 lives). Chest contents: Bonus life, max. lives, purple gem. The main goal of this update is to make the game easier to master.

You can Play the latest beta version on Game Jolt:

Or on my server:


Feedback is much appreciated!

ChangeLog 2014-01-19:

  • added treasure chests with helpful contents to some chambers.
  • fixed the issue in chamber 6, were the scorpion was displaced by the info scroll
  • fixed the “switch door” issue in chamber 19. It’s not possible anymore to pass the door due jumping from the ladder
  • fixed player’s animation issue by spawning on the checkpoint in chamber 18
  • bonus health will be reset after pressing “R”/Recharge
  • it’s not possible to jump on acid pools anymore. Touching leads to death, even if bonus health is active.
  • some spelling mistakes were corrected
  • added an “Ankh Neutralizer” in chamber 21. Bonus health will be deleted by passing this area.
Baby Mummy Chest

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