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An update for Baby Mummy. Bugfixing, balancing and tutorial elements.

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Besides bug fixing I did mostly level/gameplay balancing and added info scripts in chambers 1,2 and 3. Bantam Bobby got some more animation frames. The controls are revised, but I guess there will be one or two more revisions in future updates. Well, some of the new graphics are still unpolished - I'll polish them step-by-step. The story mode and the final chapter are still to be done.

Play the latest beta here:

Or on GameJolt:

You can find the progress of this little platformer on my tumblr site:

Feedback is much appreciated.


  • improved controls for moving/jumping/landing
  • changed the switch controls. UP = use switch
  • fixed the ladder bug. The player don't gets stuck anymore on the top of ladders. Changed the collision shape of the player to a hexagon.
  • improved platform collision shapes.
  • fixed the typo bug in chamber 1
  • added an idle animation for the player. After some time Bantam Bobby is waving and chatting.
  • added an use animation for the player
  • added one more frame for players landing animation
  • the player won't move automatically anymore alongside the conveyer belt (added side stoppers)
  • deactivated the jump/move functionality by entering the exit door
  • added collision for the stationary arrow enemies. It's not possible to go thru them anymore.
  • deleted one more spike in chamber 7
  • archived gem is not blinking anymore if you restart a chamber
  • minor level design changes in chamber 2
  • minor level design changes in chamber 4
  • revised the bat attack sound behavior
  • added info scripts and graphics in chamber 1,2 and 4 with pause pop up function
  • fixed the one way door issue, where the player got wrong triggered.
  • changed arrow firing rate in chamber 8 and deleted a spike. The chamber is now easier to master.
  • minor design changes in chamber 9
  • perfect levels are marked with a purple corner in the chamber select section
Baby Mummy

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