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Azusa is up and runing, read more about the updates of november!

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Trying to make the game run better with a higher amount of players, so decided to change completally the walk systems. So, no more lag at 10 players online... (I hope)Lets see how it works, here is the update log:

Version 1.2 - November 2013
*Remade completally the movement systems
*So the new movements could work, had to adjust every icons positions
*Game runs around 20times faster, no more annoying lags
*Some other small fixes
*Added a cool Cape for ranks and subscribers (Still gotta finish the walking states)

Version 1.1 - October 2013
*New Fighting System
*Added Dodge
*Changed the damage Calculations
*Knockbacks are now more realistics
*People with Super Power gives knockback depending on Damage
*Knocking someone into something can destroy it
*Smoke Effects when something is destroyed
*More Ranks
*Added new Animals: Wolf with diffrent status then Bandits and Cows, Wolf drops meat.
*Changes at Punching Bags and Gyms
*People can get Ordinary Armor without the need of admin with 1k RPP
*Players now start with basic books

Version 1.0 - July 2013
*New Class: Blacksmith
*Iron and Iron Armor, Sword and Axe
*Added Ranks
*Added Rules
*Added IC tab
*Added part of PVP event (mini game)
*Guitar for Musicians
*Added 8 Classes: Musician, Tailor, Barber, Lumberjack, Digger, Cook, Farmer, Talented
*Added 34 new skills, for Civils and Warriors.
*Added 3 new armors, Despair, Truth and Peace
*New Guides, organized by topics
*New training systems, included Gym building, aka Punching Bag(more in the next updates).
*Bug Fixes.

Read more about Azusa at its hub: Byond.com
or at the website: Azusarp.com

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