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Models, members, names oh my!!! I've finally posted the Dom. We have somebody here to help us. We are still considering a name change, and still looking for help.

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Well this will be short but sweet

For about 3 months I've had the Dom just sitting here on my computer not shown to anybody. A month ago I redid its legs (lower detail but lower polycount as well). So I guess it is time to show this old thing.


Ok now for the second part of this news. Venom has recently told me that a member from Dawn of War: Gundam wants to help us out a bit. This member is known as Gundammaniac and we are excited to have one more person help out with the mod.

Now we are still decideing on a new name, if we change the name at all. So if you think of something PM Venomgundam, or me

Finally, We are still looking for help so if you can
- Modeller
- Skin
- Animate
- XML and/or Lua Code
- Concept artists
- Anything Graphics related

If you can do any of those, you can PM us or Email Venom.
you can email Venom at venomgundam@hotmail.com

Don't be shy apply

Future Updates Coming Soon


"Jet Stream Attack!"
-Three Doms line up with their chosen weapon and aim for the Gundam-
"Did he just use me as a stepping stone?!"

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