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This patch updates your game to

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Assault Knights Patch


This patch updates your game to

When you download the patch. Extract the data directory INSIDE the ZIP directly to the bin folder.


Overwriting everything.

Please note: Before installing this patch. You will need to make sure the patch is installed first. You can get the patch below. As this patch does not have the updates from the patch. Just be sure to download and install the patch first before installing this one.

Change Log

This patch updates and adds several new objects to the game. As well as fixes a couple maps as well.
This map fixes and adds the maps Mountian map/Map.map and MapAI.map to the game. Updating them.
It also renews the map Sandy and updates it as will. The update shows the map in the Sandy map picture post here.


It also includes a crapload of new map objects. From Trees. To all new rocks. And a bunch of new walls you can use to place around an entire map.

Sadly update wise I could not add any more updated mechs. Because we have not had any donations to the game. Hopefully next patch we will get donations so we can add new mech or vehicle-related content to the game. If we can get new donations. I will try to make and add a new patch once a month. If things allow me to. Or if we get donations. So we can add new content to the game. If you want to help us with new content. Especially better mechs. You can do so by donating to the project here.


Donations are the only way we will be able to get new content for the game. Like better-animated mechs. And vehicles. Ect. We really need your help if you want to see the game in a much better state. This is no joke.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy the patch.
Thank you.

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