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Hello, everyone! I have added a new update to the game. Here it is!

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Hello, everyone! I have added a new update to the game. Here it is!

Assault Knights Patch

This patch updates your game to
When you download the patch. Extract the data directory INSIDE the ZIP directly to the bin folder.


Overwriting everything.


This patch adds several new mechs to the game. And updates mechs as well.
You can download this patch straight away. All other updates from the patch is in this
patch as well.

Mechs added.
Volt-Wolf Battle Mech.
Death Stalker Battle Mech
Updated Cuervo Battle mech
Updated Jaguar Battle Mech
Updated Crawler Battle Mech

New map objects.
Added Crystals to the game. To use on maps. Along with lod levels for them.
Several different shaped crystals.

Updated all the player Character weapons to make them a little better.

Added all the body parts from the Mech Construction pack by Slava Z.

Mountian Map. Added both an AI version of this map. And standard version.

Map Updates
Updated Dark Moon (Still under construction.) Adding new map objects to the map.
Updated Death Canyon's AI map to make it easier for mechs to move across the map. Should be much more fun now.
Updated Frozen Tundra. (Under Construction) Adding AI to the map. And adding new map objects to the map.
Updated GreatDivide. (Still under Construction) Updating AI.
Updated MosshillSpikes. Updated AI.
Updated Round Moon. Updated AI.

Weapon Updates
Updated Several weapons on Several mechs, and vehicles. To bring them more in line with the others.

Vehicle Updates.
Added all the Airplane meshes from the Mech Construction pack by Slava Z.

Added the Thunder Tank.

Turret Updates.
Added 3 new turrets to the game. A laser Turret, A GAC Turret (Gattling Auto Cannon) And A Missile Turret.

Updated All the Price Lists to include all these new vehicles and mech updates.

Please NOTE:
After you install this patch using the instructions Above. You will need to go to Bin\UserSettings\Configs
And delete the PurchaseLists.config file. Before you can use the updated vehicles. Be sure to do this or the new updated vehicles will not show up. You will then need to buy all the units again from the unit buy window.

Thank you so much and I really hope you enjoy this new update!

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