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Just released the new patch for Assault Knights

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This patch updates the game to Assault Knights
You need to download the Hotfix patch first before appling this patch over it.

Make sure to install this patch into the bin directory

To install this patch. You will need to Extract the files INSIDE the ZIP into the Bin Directory overwriting everything.

The bin directory is located here.


Make sure to drag and drop or copy and paste everything inside the zip to that directory. Overwriting Everything.

Be sure to patch the game with the Assault Knights Hotfix patch first before installing this patch!

Here is the link to the Hotfix patch.


This patch adds the following things to the game.

A new Airplane type called AKAirplane. This Airplane will soon replace the AKJet. It is much better then the AK jet and was created by Commander Keen whom has been helping with code for the game.

The following fixes was Added by our Awesome Coder Incin.
Fixed problem with AI units being too loud when they spawn on a map. You used to be able to hear the ambiant sound of the cockpit all across the map. Now that has been fixed.

Incin gave the AI the ability to Jump Jet. (This is still a work in progress and can be a little buggy it is still being worked on.)

Commander Keen added a new weapon called the FB500 bomb for the new jet.
Commander Keen updated the missile code to make it work better.
Incin Fixed a bug with the new Airplane that made it crash when you touched it with the player Character.

Added Kestrel Airplane to be able to spawn and buy from the Techlab buy Window.

I made the Radar go out to 1600m (Farthest distance for the LARMS now.)
Fixed a small problem with the player Character rocket launcher.
Updated all the mech physics to have damage on the legs now.
You will see 7 bars now instead of 5 for the body parts. Added the left and right legs to the bars. On all the mechs.

Incin added the ability to see all the helpers on all the units and map objects in the game. When you turn on game specific debut geometry. In the Profiler window.

Fixed a problem with selecting the heightmap terrain in the map editor. (Updated the DLL from Neo Axis 3.3.2)

After you install this patch. You need to delete the Following files. In the following Directory.


Also you will need to Delete any var files in the
Bin\UserSettings\Variants folder. Just delete the folders inside the Variants folder.

After that you will be completely up to date with us.
Thank you so much.

And we hope you like this newest patch. :)

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