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The April 8, 2009 release of ASOD has hit the net, here is what you need to know.

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So, the newest release of ASOD yet is online. It (should) soon be up on moddb and is already on the alternative download location*.

This release adds a lot of under the hood and cosmetic changes. For example, faction patrols and trades are now debugged: You can no longer take control of a convoy and lead it astray by luck.

In addition, a new feature has been added that lets you see your faction standings. When docked, it shows you your faction standings in the upper left corner of the window.

Have you ever been to Luina or Geol? If so you probably think of them as empty, no longer! Luina and Geol are now populated by stations and NPCs. This also adds some new backstory into the game.

Want to see how the patrols and convoys work? Simply get the code and go to Rat.java and turn the debug boolean to true! This draws color-coded lines between a rat and its destination and draws a small colored box at the destination. Very useful for debugging.

Last but not least, research trading can occur. It is limited, but you can buy Research I now and sell it as well.

Enjoy your stay in 1104.

*Please note, due to connection problems it is on the SVN repository at Asod.dev.java.net

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