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Today we reveal the Jucati for the first time, some more weapons and a few props.

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Busy, busy! The team has been working tirelessly on a surprise for you guys, and we hope to reveal it next month. For now, we just wanted to show you a few of the different art directions we take. You can see higher-res versions by either clicking the 'images' button or visiting our site www.projectwarcry.com

First, the Jucati! As you know, every race in Warcry has split tech trees, allowing players to change their tactics up in the middle of a game. One path for the Hyperion Empire is the vile Jucati hordes. An insidious race of insects that only ally themselves with the Hyperions out of fear of the menacing Human race that threatens all alien life in the galaxy.

Next up are a few props for filling in our maps. Not much to say here.

And finaly, we have more weapons from Lech. Believe you me, when you look down the barrel of a few of these you'll know why the rest of the galaxy is in horror at the Human technology!

Finally, we are looking for a new concept artist, If you've got the time, dedication and talent we are offering a paid position. So drop by and show some samples of your work!

Silverfisk - - 1,080 comments

I just wanna be able to click the thumbnails to get a bigger version.

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DugIt - - 10 comments

That's an antlion from Half-Life 2. Create and draw something original.

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deathparadeNL - - 2,062 comments

looks like the antlion from hal-life 2 but not totaly just a bit the form of it

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MattB1023 - - 90 comments

why are the pics so small? i cant even see the art :(

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DugIt - - 10 comments

I'm not being mean. It just looks like an Antlion combined with a Tyranid.

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dill1233 - - 94 comments

I can't wait for a release to come out! This looks like one of the most promising games for the NeoAxis Engine. Good luck guys! You've got all of my support.

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