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Final art style fiting with animations, gameplay is finished and levels creation.

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Yes ! Animation process has been fixed so we can now do the final design of our characters. Here are some of them with their items.

game's characters

We think the link game genre is really interesting but we'd like to make it way more interesting. The first axe is about the visual. So we've created the world of Bardadum to fit with the link game representation. Then the second point is about the mechanics. We enhance the core gameplay with different elements increasing variety and challenge in the game experience.
For example, in some levels, there are teleporters and special path tiles where the characters can cross.
We have also set our maximum map size and tilsesets.

gameplay & art

Once everything has been set up, we can create the levels. Here is an extract from the game designer book in which he creates each levels by hand.

Levels book

A selection of levels are built into Ogmo Editor for a quick and easy implementation into the game, so we can test it.

The graphics might be done soon so I'll get to work on the musics ! That's good to change and work on different task. :)

Take care !


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