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Raiders are coming from all over the places to raid the Area… (inspired by the actual announcement of the Raid Area51 Event)….wait…but there isn't just the one Area51 base they've been hiding aliens from us… there are more!

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Area Raiders is focusing on raiding different bases from where you need to liberate the aliens they've been hiding from us! Area Raiders introduces idle mechanics, where the raiders are attacking also when player is out of focus (not actively playing the game), and every-time a player come back he get a bunch of Media Points they've earned meanwhile, which can be used to further upgrade raiders abilities. 2-different worlds to play, prestige mechanics (regroup and come back stronger), raiding missions to complete, decision-making part which leads a player to become a Headman of raiders, Scouting feature, Building factories, Producing weapons, Skill tree,….

You can PLAY the game here:
Area Raiders - Official

Area Raiders - Kongregate
Area Raiders - ArmorGames

Join Area Raiders' Discord to hang out with other players and to get occasional sneek peaks into development work behind the scenes!
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