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This month we have made some fairly major engine changes as well as adding new quests and maps!

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This month we have been busy in all areas of development! We also have four screenshots instead of three to show you this time as well! The problem is where to start...

Quests and the New Quest Log
This month we installed a brand new Quest Log into the game. This allows an almost unlimited (if the literature is to be believed) number of quests to be taken at the same time! It also allows us to add more details as well as a summary of the quest to the quest log. It also displays any quests you have completed, along with any details about it, such as rewards and experience gained. As well all this, we can now easily add multiple stages to a quest.
We have added a third in-depth quest to the game now as well as improving the two already existing quests.

Talking to Ramus New Quest Log

NPC Personalities
Although we have only started to add Quest NPCs, we have now improved what you can talk about with them. Not only can you accept quests from them, you can also talk to them about other subjects, such as who they are, the twon or village you are in, etc.

Document Viewer
This is another exciting new feature that we have introduced this month. The ability to view documents! Although we have only included maps so-far, we hope to add manuscripts and books to the list of viewable documents. The maps that we have included are semi-transparent so that you can walk around the game world at the same time as viewing the map.

Displaying a Document\

This has to be one of the most major changes to the game that we have made this month.
Now your character will be required to eat and drink in order to survive. After 100 hours (approximately 4-5 days) without eating, you will begin to lose a lot of health!

Talking to Companions
Now, when you gain a companion, you can talk to them by activating an item in the inventory. Normally in RPG Maker XP you can't talk to them, so this is a major improvement. We have plans for various actions you will be able to do with your companions, but nothing has been finalised yet.

Talking to Companions

Day, Night, Weather and Lighting
We have made big changes to these systems. Now NPC appearences will be dependant on the exact hour of the day, as will lighting. Before we made this update, there would be to 'times of day' (day and night) but now lighting and NPCs are changed on an in-game hourly basis.
We have also included a clock, which will be available as an item in some shops.
We have improved the weather system to make it less random. It will now change in a less dramatic way to the way it did previously.

Area Risk
We have developed a system to make some areas higher or lower risk for committing crimes. For example, if you attack someone in a village they are much less likely to call a guard, whereas if you do that in the Royal Palace you will now have the Guards coming down on you very hard!

Next Month...
We hope to add many more quests before the next update, but so much has changed this month that we may also include anything that I forgot to write about in this month's update.


Looks interesting. Best of luck!

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